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Số tạp chí 6 - Năm 2017(2017) Trang: 48-55
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The intermittent particle concentration measurements were conducted in an apartment including three bedrooms on the fourth floor of a building 50-m away from the center of a busy road. There were no people and pet living in the study apartment during study periods. Two bedrooms were chosen for this study. One room (R1) has a window directly facing the road. Another room (R2) has a window facing the street directly through a space of about 1 m. Number concentration and size distributions of particles (15.7-661 nm) were determined by using a system of TSI Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer. Larger particles were determined by using a TSI Aerodynamic Particle Sizer model 3321 (0.5-20 µm). The study results showed that traffic volume, wind speed and direction were key factors affecting outdoor and indoor pollutant number concentrations. The average outdoor, R1 and R2 particle number concentrations were 19322, 7785, 1967 particles/cm3, respectively for particles of 15.7-661 nm and 288, 132, 33 respectively for particles of 0.5-20 µm. Peak indoor and outdoor particle number concentrations occurred as high traffic volume and the apartment located downwind as well as under calm wind conditions. Indoor/outdoor particle number concentration-based ratios ofparticles ranging sizes of 15.7-661 nm and 0.5-20 µm are 0.70±0.30 and 0.84±0.28, respectively at R1 and those were 0.14±0.05 and 0.15±0.05, respectively at R2. The bedroom with the window not facing the road directly was less affected than the bedroom with the window facing the road.

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